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FundSend Online Casinos FAQ

Are there any fees established at FundSend casinos?

FundSend casinos may charge small fees for the services provided to online players. The fees do not generally exceed 2-3%. Additional costs may be avoided if the players sign up for an online account at FundSend before depositing. However, this is an optional step for users that would like to make payments using FundSend as the main platform.

What is the minimum the players can deposit at FundSend casinos?

FundSend casinos do not have established limits for online deposits. However, the casino itself may put a limit on the transactions performed online. Any information regarding the minimum deposits at the casinos can be found on the terms and conditions page.

Can the players in Canada use FundSend on their mobile devices?

FundSend is customized to be available on mobile devices. Even though it may not always be convenient for the users to enter their credit card information whenever they are about to make a deposit, it is still an option that is available for players in Canada.

Do FundSend casinos in Canada have customer support available?

The support options available for Canadian players that have chosen FundSend as a payment service include phone support, live chat, and email.